WISE AI, known as the FACE OF ASEAN by our partners, is recognised as the preferred facial recognition platform in Southeast Asia due to its laser focus on analysing Southeast Asian faces. Our facial recognition technology is a fully automated biometric system that accurately identifies a variety of facial characteristics such as age, gender, degree of smile, emotions, vision and skin condition of a person. Intelligent biometric system capable of differentiating biological behaviours such as opening of the mouth, blinking of the eyes, nodding as well as the capability in distinguishing between photos, 3D models and living organisms.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Age & Gender Detection

Age & Gender Detection

Car Plate Recognition

Car Plate Recognition (Beta)

Emotion Detection

Emotion Detection (Beta)

Core Technology

With a 99.7% accuracy rate, WISE AI now provides secure and efficient facial recognition for everyone.

Face Detection Technology

Video Architecture / Video Composition / Video Structure

Facial Recognition Helps Businesses Grow

Applications of Facial Recognition Technology

Our face recognition technology is integrated into many applications and solutions developed by partners from different industries such as the internet, banking, insurance, fintech, telco, retail, and security.
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