Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Reunite - Find Missing Children
(Launching Soon)

A Mission to Reunite Missing Children with Their Families

Reunite — one of the WISE AI's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to find the missing children. It is a facial recognition powered by AI mobile app that will exponentially increase the chances of parents finding their missing children by giving their relatives and friends a powerful and efficient tool to help find the missing child.

The app is connected to the government’s database of missing children. The user reports details and uploads pictures of vulnerable children on the streets, which are cross-referenced with the government’s database in order to find a probable match. In case of a match, the user is alerted, and a report is sent to the nearest police station where the action is taken immediately.

Our goal is to save innocent children from inhumane fates and distressed parents from a life without peace - and we are already on our way to making this goal a reality.