About Us

WISE AI is an ASEAN based Artificial Intelligence company specializing in Face Recognition


With a mission to provide facial recognition for 650 million people in Southeast Asia, WISE AI is an artificial intelligence company focused on making lives better and safer. Specializing in advanced facial recognition, our offices are strategically placed in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, perfectly located to bring the most sophisticated technology to the region.

WISE AI, known as the FACE OF ASEAN by our partners, is recognised as the preferred facial recognition platform in Southeast Asia due to its laser focus on analysing Southeast Asian faces. With a 99.7% accuracy rate, WISE AI now provides secure and efficient facial recognition for everyone. Our face recognition technology is integrated into many applications and solutions developed by partners from different industries such as internet, banking, insurance, fintech, telco, retail and security.

WISE AI has also developed AI-powered solutions by leveraging on what we do best, facial recognition. They include:

eKYC – reducing on-boarding process and due diligence up to 95%, improving customer experience, adoption rates, reduced operation costs and preventing fraudulent transactions.

Digital ID – a singular Face ID to access all services. From public transport, ride-hailing, retail payment and loyalty points, to ATM withdrawal and bank card application.

CSR – cooperating with local authorities to find missing children. A facial recognition app for parents and verified volunteers to identify suspected missing children, a collectively improving efficiency by 100 times..

The ultimate connectivity of our solutions allows us to adapt to any scenario and situation, making WISE AI platform future proof for generations to come. We focus on our customers' needs and find solutions to complex problems. But we are not stopping there. We continue to partner with top universities and respected laboratories to develop, grow and provide better services to be a leading AI company of the future.

Now, WISE AI is ready to adapt and implement across all ASEAN countries, providing facial recognition and AI solutions to all. This remarkable new technology will change people’s lives, building the smartest and safest cities powered by AI.

Core Values


Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to provide their customers from various industries with AI-powered applications and solutions. They range from hotel, internet, retail, security and township developer.